So finally it’s here. A preview of the collaboration print between TH Yu and myself. It’s called the Deities of Humanity.

The idea came about from many self interest topics we like to discuss, and since we are sharing a table at the London MCM, I said I was interested in doing a collaboration print for our table. TH Yu was up for doing something and we didn’t want to do just a print, but also something that adds extra content,  like special features that you’d find on a dvd/blu-ray, or like some limited edition box set with an art book/comic back story to the main feature, but obviously a format more suited to our work.

So we devised a plan to make an interactive print that unifies our artwork and concept.

It’s about twin deities, sisters who go through a human experience to govern and define humanities existence. We wanted to create characters that represented a duality that is present and relevant today and we feel people will relate to what the imagery represents.

There will be two print formats: the A4 collaborative prints and an A6 individual prints of the Deities. The prints will be limited, so you’ll have to be quick to get you hands on them at the MCM this weekend.

Both TH Yu and I are excited about this weekend, as well as the other work we’ll be selling. Hope to you peeps this weekend.



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