What is Supermarkedonians?

Hey peeps! Been a while, I know, but this update will explain way.

I mentioned a while ago that I was collaborating on a project with RS Members, TH Yu and RS Collab, Liona Wu, for the MCM London Comic Con. The project is called Supermarkedonians.

So what is Supermarkedonians? Supermarkedonians is a an interactive print based project by 3 artists collaborating on an epic extravaganza! It is character design driven, with each artist designing a set of characters, as well as short background stories as part of the development. There will be a chance for you to get early previews of a character from each artists, during the run up to the reveal trailer and the MCM London Comic Con itself, as well as more information on the interactive content. For now, we’ll let you know how the early previews will work over the next week or so. Supermarkedonians is coming soon, October 2013, MCM London Comic Con.


So there you have it, and this being the reason I haven’t been doing many updates on here. It’s a fun, quirky project that all 3 of us wanted to do for the MCM London,  and we feel that visitors coming to the event, will enjoy too. Anyways, for now, catch you later peeps! ;)

(Check out the teaser trailer announcement)


YouTube Preview Image


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