Beyond The Bounds: Deities and Mortals – Teaser Promo #mcmLDN16


The distance between heaven and earth is no greater than one thought. - Mongolian Proverb


It was believed by our ancestors that Deities governed over the world of mortals. The deities brought balance to the mortal world, which in turn; mortals devoted themselves to their chosen Deities as gratitude for all of existence and prosperity. The Deities would often test the world of mortals, and mortals would accept such challenges, in the faith that one day, once their time in the mortal world had come to an end, that they could reside among their respective Deities.

After many ages, came an ‘Age of heroes’. And after such an age, came ‘The age of great chaos’, in the mortal world. Such chaos was the cause of a mad king, who had acquired power equal to that of the most prestigious of demigods, and fear and suffering was heaped upon his name. It had seemed at times, that even the Deities could not hear the cries of mortals. Hope was what remained for mortals; and as such, how the legend of a great hero came to be.

Let us tell you of the tale of rediscovery…

An illustrated Novel, involving several artists, and the technology of augmented reality. We aim to bring interactive storytelling to both print and digital media. The project is still in early development, and we’re looking to launch a kickstarter soon, so please follow RedSnow studio on Twitter and Facebook for updates. #BTBDAM

But to get a better idea of what we hope to bring, check out our AR teaser promo using the HP Reveal app (formally aurasma). Enjoy!


Scan Image with HP Reveal app (formally Aurasma) from App store or Google Play.


 How to view our Teaser Promo

  1. Go to App store or Google Play to download ‘HP Reveal‘  (formally Aurasma).
  2. Start the app then sign up with just a username and password.
  3. On the app type in the search ‘Oniphoenix’, or ‘#BTBDAM‘ or click this link Tap on Follow to unlock the Auras on the channel to scan.
  4. Go back to the discovery page, and tap the purple scan button to scan the teaser promo image on this post ( you can also click on the image to enlarge for better viewing)
  5. Watch the magic happen before your screen!

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