Oniphoenix.co.uk is the Artblog/Portfolio site of myself, Leon Active (aka Oni, Oniphoenix), Freelance Illustrator.

Specialised in Illustration, Comics, Concept/ Character Design, and Storytelling Concept Development. My studies consist of Art and Design in college, and BA VCD Illustration in University. I am very much a self-taught artist which tends to surprise some people, with influences from video games, comics, movies, contemporary fashion, Manga and Anime (Japanese art).

I also self-publish art books and small press comics with artist collective, RedSnow Studio, a group of artists who share similar interests and goals, whom I am also a co-founder.

There are some projects that I am currently drafting/developing as small press/flash animation comics that I am looking to share with visitors to my artblog, with regular updates as possible. Also as I am involved with small press events with RedSnow Studio, i’ll be also updating events on this artblog as well as their projects.

Contact Email: oniphoenix316@gmail.com (Clients are most welcome).

RedSnow Studio


Thanks for visiting and taking an interest in my work.

Stay inspired always! (b^_^)b



The Artblog/Portfolio of Leon Active