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MCM London Comic Con, 24th – 26th October, 2014

Here are photos of last weeks MCM London. I was there with my RS comrades: TH Yu, Liona, David. E, and KBelshaw. It was even busier then May’s event! We meet great people, saw great cosplayers, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to visit the attractions I wanted to see (or take as many photos in general). I may plan to have some new pics by the time the next MCM comes around. Shoutouts to our visitors at the event, as your the reason we do this! Enjoy and catch you next comic con! show more


New look to my Site. London MCM from this Friday.

Hey peeps! As you may have noticed, I have a new look to my site. Not only that, but it’s also a responsive theme, that auto adjusts itself to different screen orientations, like widescreens, mobile phones, tablets etc, and still maintains the look of the site overall. It was something I wanted to switch to for some time, for practical reasons, and I didn’t like the mobile side of the previous look. Plus, I added a few good features too. show more


London MCM May 25-27 round up.

Well the May MCM has passed and it turned out to be a great event for me personally.

It was my second MCM, but this time, I was showcasing  just my artwork along side my friend and RS member TH Yu. I was told in the past that the spring/Summer London MCM’s are much busier events, and I can tell you, it was nothing like I experienced in the past. It was so busy on day one! the first couple of  hours were slow but once the crowds built up, so did interest. The response of my work were very positive, which I really appreciated, and sales were good. I was also commissioned by a visitor to do a sketch of Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, which was fun for me to do as I love the MGS series! I was also in conversations with visitors doing research on the event to possibly join in the future, or had portfolios/initial comic artwork/stories that they wanted advice on or information. I was happy to offer what info from my own experience as I could as I was very much in that some position starting out and in some ways, I’m still learning as I go myself. There was also the possibility of future collaborations, which I always love to be involved in exciting projects ;) I was basically at the table from start to near the end, when I got the chance to stretch my legs haha.

Day two was much quieter and sales were decent, and had the chance to get a better look about the event.

Overall it was a great weekend, with commission artwork being the most popular from most exhibitors, and the increased popularity of video game characters. Cosplayers turning out with the most impressive costumes as ever, and a good line up of celebrities from TV/film and comics turned out. As tired as I was at the end of it all, it was fun and well worth it, so I hope to do it again.

Ciao for now Peeps.




So finally it’s here. A preview of the collaboration print between TH Yu and myself. It’s called the Deities of Humanity.

The idea came about from many self interest topics we like to discuss, and since we are sharing a table at the London MCM, I said I was interested in doing a collaboration print for our table. TH Yu was up for doing something and we didn’t want to do just a print, but also something that adds extra content,  like special features that you’d find on a dvd/blu-ray, or like some limited edition box set with an art book/comic back story to the main feature, but obviously a format more suited to our work.

So we devised a plan to make an interactive print that unifies our artwork and concept.

It’s about twin deities, sisters who go through a human experience to govern and define humanities existence. We wanted to create characters that represented a duality that is present and relevant today and we feel people will relate to what the imagery represents.

There will be two print formats: the A4 collaborative prints and an A6 individual prints of the Deities. The prints will be limited, so you’ll have to be quick to get you hands on them at the MCM this weekend.

Both TH Yu and I are excited about this weekend, as well as the other work we’ll be selling. Hope to you peeps this weekend.



TxO update…

The promo image of the TH Yu x ONIPHOENIX collab print is in process and will be posted once it’s ready.

Also the interactive side is in it’s final stages, and both TH Yu and I believe not only does it add another dimension to the project, but also ties the whole project together.

It may even have a profound affect on your life! ;)

Catch you peeps later…