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2 for 1 Late night SP!

Hey folks! Apart from the usual update, I wanted to mention that I’ll be with my friends, RS Member, TH Yu and RS Collab, Liona Wu, at this October’s London MCM. All three of us are collaborating on a project for our table space, that will be good fun to do, so check the RedSnow Studio Facebook page or Twitter for updates.

Ok these two pics were quickies, and were done on separate days, but I thought I’d post them up together, especially as they are similar subject matter. Trying to practice more industrial environmentals, so we’ll see how that progresses.

Cya later folks!




An Ideal of Hope.

Hey folks. Thought I’d chime in with a much more ambitious environmental pic. Took longer then usual, as I had to start over again, as I didn’t like the composition I was originally doing. But anyway got it done.

Elsewhere, I’m getting really hyped for Man of Steel. I’m liking even more what this story may tell. The characters seem to have more dimensions to them and the soundtrack seems to fit this Superman film nicely. Plus Composer, Hans Zimmer has probably achieved a great feat, that hasn’t been done in sometime…create a theme for an iconic character like John Williams did back then. Only time will tell if it stands the test of time like Williams theme has.

Stay Inspired, folks.