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Acknowledging an artist’s work.

Hey peeps! Quick update today as I had free time (it’s my birthday yay!!), with a quick sketch of Big Boss aka Venom Snake. This relates to the story that Hideo Kojima will be leaving Konami, at the end of the year, after being with them for as long as nearly 3 decades! Since his time he’s produce classics, including what my pic is based on. Now talk is that it was leaked, that there was some internal power struggle between Kojima and his team and with Konami, which may have lead to things like Kojima not being listed on the Board of directors/executives etc like he was previously. show more


MCM London Comic Con, 24th – 26th October, 2014

Here are photos of last weeks MCM London. I was there with my RS comrades: TH Yu, Liona, David. E, and KBelshaw. It was even busier then May’s event! We meet great people, saw great cosplayers, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to visit the attractions I wanted to see (or take as many photos in general). I may plan to have some new pics by the time the next MCM comes around. Shoutouts to our visitors at the event, as your the reason we do this! Enjoy and catch you next comic con! show more


Prepping for MCM London Comic Con.

Hey folks! So it’s a few weeks till the RS comrades and myself will be exhibiting at the upcoming MCM London Comic Con, and we’re all prepping for the event with some new stuff and a few favourites making a return. I’m also looking to do more commission sketches at the event, and recently purchased some new pens and trying out shading techniques. I don’t draw or sketch much on paper these days, but it’s fun to do with I get the chance. show more


Supermarkedonians Online Content


Welcome to the Supermarkedonians Online Content.

Here you will find additional content to accompany the print(s), that you purchased, relating to this project. In the future, we’ll look to update this page, with more content that will expand on the world of the Supermarkedonians.

Supermarkedonians is a collaborative project, developed from an idea, by my friend and fellow illustrator, TH Yu.  It involves three artists, including TH Yu‘s partner, Liona Wu, and myself. Without giving too much away, the more you look into the characters, the more apparent it becomes what they represent. This is also very true for those based in the UK, so we invite you to have fun discovering the true origins of the project.

Have fun and Stay inspired always! - Oniphoenix



Introducing the Supermarkedonians…

“In the strange world of the Supermarkedonians nothing may be what it seems. The people who inhabit it could just be representations of places you know very fact you probably visited one of them today…”

Here are my four Supermarkedonians:


“Enshrined in a glorious palace of ice in the far north resides Iceleen, immortal and benevolent. With her untold wealth she has maintained the largest orphanage the world has ever seen for all her long years. A haven of family warmth in a snowy wasteland. Although it may be a bit cold for most of the year all of her charges live in comfort”



“Although many of the Supermarkedonians preside over countries and continents Nissy’s influence spreads the farthest. Many agents of the rich and powerful have tried to insidiously work their way in to this most secret of all societies. It seems that only the lowly and humble are allowed entry. Many in the aristocracy think that the Nissiites are planning anarchy or revolution…they might be right. Nissy herself certainly won’t say anything.”



“Not much is known about Holfud, only that in some dark time he turned away from the world of industry and embraced the organic. He harbours a deep distrust of anything manufactured and will only take time out from his nomadic lifestyle in the company of nature. He is on a constant search for his ‘promised land’ of carrots and apples and, although usually a peaceful individual, will go through anyone or anything to get there”



“Stepping out of the trailing fog, San cuts an impressive figure in the streets and alleyways of the world. No one has ever seen his face for he wears a strange golden mask at all times, a trademark of the mysterious golden drops brotherhood. Some think, with regards to his archaic fashion sense, that he is a stranded time traveller and that the golden drops are somehow part of all of that. If he can earn enough standing doing nefarious tasks for them maybe he can get to go home?”


Print set and Nissy’s first sketch


Nissy first sketch idea.



Supermarkedonians Promo Video

YouTube Preview Image



Which Supermarkedonian are you?

12 characters, 12 personalities. Take part in our online quiz to see which Supermarkedonian you could be. Who knows, you maybe more like our characters then you think.

Click on the image to take the quiz.



Supmarkedonians Wallpaper

Brighten up your desktop with this free downloadable wallpaper.

Just click on the image, then save the open image to use on your desktop.



Fun facts

  • Iceileen was going to have blocks of ice stacked next to her and the child, but opted for the small ice statue. Also a hat was going to be added, but was left out.
  • Nissy‘s original concept was to be a group of small robots that form a bigger robot.
  • Holfud‘s initial concept was going to be far more bizarre with all sorts of fruit and veg as clothing or even a fruit salad style hat.
  • San was going to have a more modern businessman look with some tech displays, and his hair style was going to be the shape of his current mask.
  • There was the possibility of a few more character, but they wouldn’t of fit with the theme as well.
  • We initially looked at producing the project as a book. It could still be considered for the future.


Check out the other eight Supermarkedonians from TH Yu and Liona. The introduction text and character backstories are written by Mablox.

Be a part of the Supermarkedonians experience using #SMDTLO on Twitter and Facebook.