PS Practice…

More practicing with a new technique. Was meant to be a speed painting, but a combo of getting use to the process and having a bit of fun with some details made me spend more time on this pic then I planned lol.

Turned out to be some sort of new fragrance…for Women and Men haha!

Pebble Fragrance

London MCM aftermath…

I attend Sunday’s MCM and was only able to make about the last hour and half. Mainly was there to take pics of my friends’ work for RedSnow, and was told they did really well on the day before. Lot of people were still checking out their table and one of them was even commissioned to do an image.

Didn’t focus on the others areas at the show because of the limited time, but did get photos of another friend’s table.


Visiting MCM this weekend…

My friends Liona Wu and Tim Yu have a table at the MCM this weekend. Unfortunately RedSnow Studio was unable to organise a table in time this year, so I won’t be able to join them. However they will be selling our RedSnow books and stuff at their table, so I’ll be documenting the event with live updates to RedSnows Facebook page.

Should be fun like last year, and I’ll also get to see some other friends that have tables their too.

See you there.


Project/RedSnow Page is live…

Page update…

Projects/RedSnow page is up! That page will house my personal projects and projects with RedSnow Studio.

Bigger projects, however, will have a dedicated page to house all related work in the future…

Also I’ve updated the artwork page with my Kung Fu GrandMasters series which I’m planning  to turn into a major project  in the future, already think of lots of cool ideas for it  ;D

Till next time…

Namaste ;)


Grand Launch!!

Hey everyone, welcome to the grand launch of my new Artblog/Portfolio Site, Oniphoenix.

Been meaning to do another site from my old one for some years now, and final found the time and settled on a format after looking at some other great artblogs.

I’m still sorting out the files for the other pages so bear with me, they will be updated over the coming week or so.

For now the Artwork pages is up and running, it comes with a cool slideshow option that can be turned on or off, also clicking on a thumbnail goes into lightbox mode (which i really like!) and allows you to view pics by clicking left or right of the pic (some larger pics have a zoom feature at the top right).

So check out the gallery and until next time…

Stay inspired! (b^_^)b


The Artblog/Portfolio of Leon Active