TDYC – Behind the scenes.

Hey folks, and happy new year! :D

It’s been a while, as I’ve been working on the concept designs for the RedSnow story book project, Beyond the Bounds: Mortals and Deities. I had a nice holiday season and new years, but it’s back to work, and there are other positive developments on the horizon. But let me talk more about the development of the TDYC amv, and we’ll focus on the 3 levels of the ‘Sound Tower’, where the action takes place. show more


Acknowledging an artist’s work.

Hey peeps! Quick update today as I had free time (it’s my birthday yay!!), with a quick sketch of Big Boss aka Venom Snake. This relates to the story that Hideo Kojima will be leaving Konami, at the end of the year, after being with them for as long as nearly 3 decades! Since his time he’s produce classics, including what my pic is based on. Now talk is that it was leaked, that there was some internal power struggle between Kojima and his team and with Konami, which may have lead to things like Kojima not being listed on the Board of directors/executives etc like he was previously. show more


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