Magneto Rises.

X-Men: First class inspired painting. Was meant to be a speedpainting, but I worked a lot from references for this with the details, though some areas are not as tighten up as most (Clear pics of the suit from many angles were not easy to find and I don’t have a copy of the movie, so had to make do).

Believe it or not, I didn’t go to see it in the cinema for a few reasons. 1) I was judging it on the previous X-Men movies with X-Men: Last Stand being the worst! 2) Christopher Nolan set a stand with his Batman movies, from which all comic book movie should strive to meet. I was skeptical that an X-Men reboot/Prequal could pull it off. 3) Trailers didn’t help (go back to my first point). But got to see it with friend on Blu-Ray, and was impressed, but mainly the by the characters.  Magneto and Sebastian Shaw by far the best portrayed, Xavier coming close. It was like  the good conscience (Xavier) and the bad conscience (Sebastian Shaw), made Magneto the character he becomes in the end.  Also tying the story into a historical event was good. A having Matthew Vaughn as director was a good choice as he did a good job on with Kick-Ass, which was right up his street with the humor and violence and his style does show in First Class. Hopefully the next one will be epic ;)

"You want society to accept you, but you can't even accept yourself." - Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto


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