Deity of Materiality


The story of the Twin Deities of Humanity

Since their inception, the fate of mortals was in the balance. Ma’at, goddess of Truth and Justice, bestowed the responsibility of governing over how mortals will define their existence, to her twin daughters. Ma’at decreed that they will both experience life in the mortal world, and at the end of that experience, they will be judged before her by the weighing of the heart.


The Deity of Materiality

On there arrival, one of the sisters grew more fascinated by the mortal world and the physical forms. As the years passed, she grew less connected with her origins and with her twin sister, who maintained, that they should not lose sight of who they are, despite what they are experiencing in the mortal world.

As one sister strives to elevate her mortal existence, through material desires and value by any means necessary to survive, the other sister strives to maintain her connection with her origins by way of nature. Both sisters had chosen their separate paths, as one could no longer comprehend the other.

After years of obtaining the wealth, statue and knowledge the mortal world was governed by, the sister who desired the mortal world, claimed that mortals will abide by materialism to define their existence, and that the spirits and the souls of mortals only have value in this world when they are manipulated. She also claimed mortals can perceive themselves to be like gods without being connected spiritually, and that the mortal world will be the only reality that they will understand, creating substitutes in place of spirituality.

Once her mortal experience had come to pass, the sister who favored the material path, stood before Ma’at to be judged by the weighing of the heart. She did not pass the 42 confessions. It was concluded that she could not return to the spiritual world, as her spirit had grown almost non existent during her time as a mortal. Ma’at was saddened that by how disconnected her daughter had become and her immaturity. Realizing her daughter’s spirit now resides in the mortal world, Ma’at appointed her Deity of Materiality to form one side of the mortals humanity.


The Deity of Spirituality


To be continued…

Possession and enlightenment. Materiality and Spirituality. The twin sisters of humanity. As both govern the paths of mortals, it is the choice of mortals alone to decide their own destiny.




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