SP – Chillout

Hey Peeps! Haven’t done an update since the London MCM. Had a lot on my mind since going through a bereavement in the family a couple months ago.

Finally saw The Dark Knight Rises last Tuesday. I liked it, but i’ll be made up about  it once I see it again, this time in the IMAX, this sunday, as it was meant to be viewed :D

Thought it was time to do a speedpainting today and try out a brush I made to do zips (saves time) ;) And did my OWN lens flare effect (my friends know how much I hate the lens flare filter, unless it is used not to look slapped on. Haha! It’s like the Auto-Tune of the creative industry for me! Same with auto vector settings on photos ;p)

Also been planning a few things, that I may start putting into action.  Till then, stay inspired!


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