Ransom Publishing work – Copies of the book arrived.

Hey there peeps! Been awhile since my last post, but let’s get down to it while I have a free moment.

Over the weekend, I finally received my copies of a book I worked on for Ransom Publishing, last year. They specialise in books for reluctant or struggling readers. The book I worked on is called Menacing Monsters, part of their Thunderbolt series.

The section I provided the illustrations were for a 10 page, fiction story called, Not Friendly. (At a much later date, I’ll post up a preview of one of the illustrations, from roughs to final image.)

For more info on the book and the series, check this link:  Thunderbolts Series

For more on the publisher check this link:  Ransom Publishing


Before I sign off, I am in the process of reviving a project that has been in the making for over 10 years, but busy schedules have keep it on the shelf in recent times. Can’t say more then that for now, but there will be more to say when the time is right.

Unfortunately, I won’t be part of this May’s MCM London Comic Con. Was looking forward to it but would only do it if I was able to team up with someone to table share. Oh well, there’s always the next one later in the year, as well other events in between to try.  I may go along anyway to visit friends and self-publishers alike!

Stay inspired peeps!



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