Like a ONIPHOENIX rising from the ashes.

Hey Peeps! Last week Monday, my old PC finally gave out after a TEN year run. So during the week it was a high priority to get a new one built. So one phone call to a good friend of mine (who also built my old PC), he got the parts ordered, he backed up my old HDD on the new one with all my files, and on Sunday he installed the new parts. Now I have a New more powerful PC. Awesome guy, took me right out of the stone age, so now I can run more powerful programs then before. I can’t thank him enough for getting me back on my feet in less then a week! Like a phoenix, reborn from the ashes, I rise again, better then before ;)

So please check out his sites (he also hosts this website too):

BadMind Inc

See My Site Online

Did this speedy pic late last night (took about an hour and 3o mins), based on the reveal of Hideo Kojima’s lastest project MGSV: The Phantom Pain. I’m a big fan of the MGS series so I’m well hyped for this. Now I hear MGR: Revengence is a really good game, but I wasn’t convinced by the direction of the game when Kojima Productions handed over the reigns to Platinum Games (who have made really great games), during it’s development, and was less so convinced when I saw the demo and checked the reviews. It just doesn’t feel like a MGS game to me. There is some irony here also, in that decades ago when Kojima wasn’t thinking if making a sequel to Metal Gear 1, Konami USA decide to ride on it’s success and do a sequel without him, and it was called…wait for it…Metal Gear: Snake’s Revenge (an all action side-scrolling shoot’em up, which didn’t see the light of day in Japan). So could MGR, be some kind of twisted homage to Snake’s Revenge?! I only bring that theory up, because Kojima has become a known notorious troll for years when it comes to his projects, even going as far as fabricating a fake studio, haha!

Anyway, ciao for now, and stay inspired! ;)

Kept you waiting, huh?

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