Late night speedy – M.O.S.

Hey peeps! Did yet another late night SP. Getting so hyped by Man of Steel, I was eager to do something inspired by it (trying my best not to get too excited by the trailers and stuff, as Superman Returns still lingers in memory).  Took a bit longer then I wanted, as the buildings took the most time. Also want three legs on those Tripod ships that emits those beams into the ground, but i didn’t want to obstruct the beams. But most importantly is the appearance of Earth’s alien saviour vs THE 5 Star General! ;)

Catch you peeps next time!

“To Kal-El, I say this; Surrender within 24 hours, or watch this world suffer the consequences!” – General Zod.



2 thoughts on “Late night speedy – M.O.S.”

  1. Nice Leon,
    How long do your speed paintings last?
    Is that a lens flare in there?;)

    Awesome trailer and music!

    1. Thanks bro!
      They are about an 1hour and 30/45mins (The last one was an hour).
      Ideally, I’m aiming to keep them to a maximum of an hour.
      Haha, yes there is (and made from scratch) but not jj Abrams over the top! ;)

      I think I’ve watched this trailer the most for that very same reason.

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