‘THE’ Five Star General!

Hey peeps! Like I mentioned before, I wanted to do something different. With the hype of Man of Steel reaching it’s apex, I decided that I’ll do a little fan art piece for this prestigious occasion of the films ‘general’ release (FINALLY, the wait is over)!

So I did a pic of…General Dru-Zod! :D

Now, I had to use quite a few refs of General Zod to do the Kryptonian battle armor, which was quite a task as, believe it or not, it isn’t completely symmetrical :S So it was annoying to do, but it’s ‘THE’ General’s battle armor we’re talking about, so I did my best to piece it together. I think it turned out ok in the end.

Anyway, I hope everyone goes to see Man of steel, as it will redefine the world’s classic superhero, as well as, in our own way, inspire us to be heroes too!

Til next time peeps and Stay Inspired always! :)

“Come to me son of Jor-El! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!”

Bonus: A track worthy of ‘THE Five Star General’ himself

YouTube Preview Image


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